Friday, April 22, 2011

He who must not be named

I'm working on a small sculpture of Prince right now. It's surprisingly hard to find any images, music or concert videos of him online, although I did watch Under the Cherry Moon and Purple Rain on Netflix for some visual ideas.  I would've liked to see more live performance footage and check out some of the outfits he wore on tour in the '80's, but it's hard to find any bootleg videos.  I've got to say, at the moment, "Dirty Mind" is my favorite Prince album and "When You Were Mine" is my favorite track.



Here's an autopsy-like view of the figure just his body came out of the oven and his head had been re-attached.  Spooky.

Make-up's not there yet.

This is right after the body was painted with oils and the clothing with acryllics..more outfit-tweaking to come.  I'm also working on a miniature version of the guitar he used in Purple Rain. (Below.)

3d projects

One-Man-Band Showdown

This is a character concept I've been working on for a while now.  I wanted to show a traditional old-timey one-man-band guy alongside a really amped-up metal guy version.  In undergrad sculpture class, I wanted to make a real, functional one-man band suit.  I guess this miniature version will have to do for now.


Aaaaand METAL:



This is Version One of the metal guy.  Unfortunately, too many of his limbs were cracking and he needed to be rebuilt.

Here's an idea of what the two musicians look like next to each other without all their gear.

Guy on the left gets a keyboard, a double-necked guitar, a snare drum, and multiple amps.  Guy on right will make due with horn-and-cymbal-embellished pants, and accordian, a bass-drum backpack, and an accordian.

While on the topic of one-man-bands, here are some links to a few players.  The first is probably the best well-known one-man-band, Dick Van Dyke's character, Bert in Disney's Mary Poppins.  The second one is of a guy I saw perform a few months back, here in Chicago at Beauty Bar.

1. Dick Van Dyke hustlin' on the mean streets:

2. Jeremy Jacobsen aka The Lonesome Organist: