Friday, April 22, 2011

He who must not be named

I'm working on a small sculpture of Prince right now. It's surprisingly hard to find any images, music or concert videos of him online, although I did watch Under the Cherry Moon and Purple Rain on Netflix for some visual ideas.  I would've liked to see more live performance footage and check out some of the outfits he wore on tour in the '80's, but it's hard to find any bootleg videos.  I've got to say, at the moment, "Dirty Mind" is my favorite Prince album and "When You Were Mine" is my favorite track.



Here's an autopsy-like view of the figure just his body came out of the oven and his head had been re-attached.  Spooky.

Make-up's not there yet.

This is right after the body was painted with oils and the clothing with acryllics..more outfit-tweaking to come.  I'm also working on a miniature version of the guitar he used in Purple Rain. (Below.)

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